There are so many exciting Easter activities that we do in our clinic with Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. Here are a couple of activities we chose to do this week with our therapy kids.

Twinkie Peep Race Car: You will need a twinkie, bunny or chick peep, a chocolate covered pretzel, and mini chocolate oreos.

Cut out a piece of the Twinkie in the middle to make the seat of the car for your peep. Save the cream filling from this cut section for the tires and steering wheel. Insert your bunny or chick peep in the “seat” of the Twinkie. Use some of the cream filling to stick the chocolate covered pretzel to the car as the steering wheel. Divide the rest of the cream filling into four spots on the outside of the Twinkie for the tires. Twist open two of the mini oreos and put them, with the icing side facing the cream filling, onto the sides of the car for the tires. Now you have a super cute, fun, and delicious Twinkie Peep Race Car! This is a great therapy activity to do with kids who have sensory issues and don’t like to touch sticky things or getting their hands messy.

Tye-Dye Shaving Cream Easter Egg: You will need dyeable plastic eggs, shaving cream, food coloring, paper plate, and a long skewer stick.

Put the shaving cream on a paper plate. Add a few drops of the various food colorings. Use the skewer stick and swirl the food coloring around to make a Tye-Dye look. Roll the egg around in the Tye-Dyed shaving cream, making sure to get a thick coating on the egg. Allow the egg to sit for 20 minutes. Then wipe the excess shaving cream off. You can also use the skewer or a Q-tip to write names on the eggs. This is also a great therapy activity to do with kids who have sensory issues, as well as learning colors and sequencing steps.

We at Simply Speaking Speech and Occupational Therapy hope everyone has a Blessed and Happy Easter!