It is almost August and you know what that means! Back to school is just around the corner! The good news is that we have a few more fun-filled weeks left! It is the perfect time to get in some last-minute summer fun activities with your children! Summer is such a fun time for children to explore the outdoors, spend time under the sun, and play! Summertime activities are not only fun but are also great sensory and language enriching opportunities!

In Cara Bafile’s article from Education World titled “25 Activities to Keep Kids Brains’ Active in the Summer,” she lists some fun-filled summer activities that are sure to bring excitement and fun to the whole family! One of my favorite activities that she suggests is to go outside and catch fireflies while also looking up fun facts about them. Not only will you and your children enjoy the outdoors together, you will also learn while doing it! Talking about the world and its creatures is such an enriching language experience! Another wonderful activity that she suggests is to make homemade bubbles and experiment with your own homemade bubble blowing tools. You can do this by finding items around the house like straws, milk cartons, and plastic lids. Cut out shapes from these materials and experiment with them to see which items you can use for bubble blowing! Talk to your children about the different materials you used and what did and didn’t work!

Another one of my favorite activities of the many Bafile lists is to start a rock collection with your child! It is so fun to go on an adventure hiking around the park or yard to find different rocks! You and your child can talk about the shape, color, and different features on the rocks. You can also look up pictures of rocks on the internet or in a book to see if each rock can be identified. Bafile lists many more wonderful activities that will be sure to bring summer language fun to the whole family! Whatever you do this summer, be sure to interact and engage with your children! Children can learn and grow in their language skills from the world around them while having so much fun doing it!

Ally Hemphill M.S. CCC-SLP

Bafile, Cara. “25 Activities to Keep Kids’ Brains Active in Summer.” Education World,