Times are Different, But There is Still so Much Good!

Times are a little different for our children right now. And for us. Children are not used to their routines being completely changed. They may not tell you they miss school, but it is most likely true that they are missing their friends and teachers. They are also most likely missing their school sports and other extracurricular activities. However, I have seen some wonderful things happening through teletherapy over the last few weeks! Many parents and grandparents are doing the best they can when it comes to keeping up with their child’s schoolwork and therapy homework from home! And I am here to tell you that just doing your best is ABSOLUTELY GOOD ENOUGH! We are all trying our best to manage our jobs, our kids, and our own personal health during this time of quarantine. I have put some thought into what to continue to focus on at home when it comes to schoolwork and speech/language therapy homework:

#1) Just do your best! Be with your kids and let them spend a little more time playing and resting than normal. Even if that means they are struggling to stay focused on schoolwork or therapy homework. It will all be ok! And we therapists and teachers are here to help you 😊 

#2) Spend more time reading with your children to work on their speech and language goals instead of just drilling sounds with them! Maybe pretend with your child to go on a “speech scavenger hunt” and search for things around the yard/house that start or end in the sound that they are working on in speech therapy. Or you can read them a book and then ask them comprehension questions to see if they can retell details about the storyline. 

#3) Remember, humans were created to be social and active, so it is ok if you feel as though your child is having a hard time listening during school/therapy or staying focused. Take lots of breaks! I love to throw in a favorite song during teletherapy sessions when we need to stretch our bodies! It is hard for all of us to stay seated in a chair for too long! 

#4) I am truly amazed at how happy it makes a child to see a familiar face over teletherapy! I love the smiles I get when I see our patients! I also enjoy hearing them ask me questions about my dog, my house, or what I have been doing while at home! Remember, talking and conversing is language!! And I love that they are continuing to make so much progress even though it might be a different setting! 

#5) Take time to breathe even if life is hectic right now! We are all in this together and we will get through this! 

We love our patients and families so much! Love seeing faces over teletherapy!!

Ally Hemphill M.S. CCC-SLP