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We love helping people with speech challenges.

Here is what a few of our clients have to say. Or read our case studies for more details on how we help.

Finding Amy was the best thing I’ve done for my child. He loves her and is excited to see her twice a week and asks daily if we are going to see her. First time we met her, my son was 2 1/2 yrs old and all he could speak were grunts and “daddy.” Now one year later working with Amy twice a week, he is now talking full time and in complete sentences. Amy works with him through his understanding, letting him control how much effort he wants to put into each session. Some sessions he will talk her ear off, some he rather be quiet and play. Amy respects his boundaries which helps him be comfortable and excited to see her each week. He doesn’t see speech therapy as being a  dreaded experience, he is excited and can’t wait to be there. Her lobby and session areas are calming and gives the children less distractions and parents like me to sit and relax. I highly recommend Amy to any parent, any student, and to anyone with a speech related issue.


Simply Speaking is amazing! I took my son somewhere else after he got his tongue clipped to try and get him started on speech. They denied him right off, saying he did not qualify. Then I brought  him into see Amy – after about 5 minutes with my son, she said he did qualify and should be saying more words. My son is almost 2 1/2 and is saying so many more words after just a couple of months. His attitude at home has improved so much. My son loves to learn new things and now we can start to communicate. He loves coming twice a week to see Amy. She does know his boundaries and respects them. My son NEVER cries when we show up for speech. He really looks forward to seeing her and that makes me so happy. Simply Speaking is parent/child friendly. It’s super easy to find and also a very nice office! He cries every time we leave. He loves the atmosphere. I would recommend Amy to everyone!! She is the best and I’m so thankful to have her as my son’s speech therapist! 


I’m proud to say that Peyton’s IEP has been cancelled. He no longer needs speech services at his school. Thank you so much Miss Amy for getting him to where he is today!! I sooo recommend Simply Speaking for anyone with a child that has speech issues!


We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw the “Simply Speech” sign go up at 121st and Elm in Jenks!  We were searching for a therapist for our six year old grandson, and the sign went up about the same time!  The possibility of seeing someone so close to our house (especially with our busy schedules and the cost of gas) seemed too good to be true!  When we met Amy Carletti, we were impressed with her knowledge and her compassionate approach to her clients.  She understood how difficult it is to see a child struggling to be understood and she went all out to get him qualified for services.  We thought she would be great, and we loved her comfortable office space, but that was before our grandson met her.  He would say we are understating her qualities!  According to him, “Miss Amy is REALLY SUPER nice and LOTS of fun, and she has cool toys and stuff!”  He is getting pretty good at remembering which days he sees her and never hesitates to remind us that it is only two days until he sees her again.  The progress he has made is amazing.  I am able to understand him more each day and his self-esteem is getting a terrific boost.  His behavior has even improved as his frustration level has decreased.  Now we know how fortunate we are to have Amy in our community!


We are so happy with what you’re doing for our son and we can tell such a big difference in how he feels about himself, THANK YOU!!!”


Peyton led his whole school at Rise ‘n Shine last Thursday morning. It was great to see him get up there with such confidence and speak clearly. Thank you Amy for all you did to help make this possible. It was a proud moment for him and his parents! 🙂