PROMPT technique

PROMPT offers a fresh approach for speech therapy ideas, programs and processes.

Amy Carletti is a highly trained PROMPT therapist, having completed the introductory and bridging training with the PROMPT Institute.

From PROMPT’s website: PROMPT is a multidimensional approach to speech production disorders. It embraces not only the well-known physical-sensory aspects of motor performance, but also the cognitive-linguistic and social-emotional aspects. PROMPT integrates all domains and systems towards an outcome of positive communication. It may be used with all speech production disorders from approximately 6 months of age onward. To achieve the best outcome with PROMPT, it should be used as a program to develop motor skill in the development of language for interaction.

To learn more information, visit the PROMPT Institute website.

If you’re not happy with your or your child’s current speech, let’s explore fresh speech therapy ideas together.


Teletherapy is available for families who live far away or find it more convenient than coming to our clinic for therapy.

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